What do we offer you?

 Already 62 interactive 3D building plans

The online environment already contains 62 interactive 3D building plans. New building plans are added regularly.

 Fixed 100-part block list

The 62 models can be made with our carefully chosen block list. This leads to an infinite number of user-friendly models and creations.Unique in the world of building blocks.

 From 6 to 99 years

Building plans for each level and according to different mechanical techniques and categories. Each model consists of a maximum of 8 steps and can be built in about 15 minutes, good for at least 930 minutes of building pleasure.

 Play alone or against each other

Thanks to the built-in time registration system you can compete against each other to build the design as quickly as possible.

 Large educational added value

In addition to the technical and mechanical concepts, visual spatial insight, problem solving and logical is also strongly stimulated. It also promotes fine motor skills.

 Optimized for all devices

The platform adapts fully automatically to any computer screen, tablet or phone to ensure an optimal experience and ease of use.

 Ecologically responsible building

The blocks can be used again and again. Nowhere else are so many plans available for 1 set. Plastic should not be on a shelf.

 Carried by the community

All building data is analysed. That way, the models are constantly improved. As a member, you can send in your photos and suggest your own designs.


  • Also so many technic building boxes and technic models?
  • You've spent fortunes on it.
  • They have been on the shelf for years.
  • They are so lovely that you don't want to break them down.
  • The underlying technical and mechanical concepts are not understood.
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